Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services help your website to Rank better on Google and to Rank Top on Google. We provide SEO services to boost your Website Ranking. I have been involved in multiple customer project on the Search Engine Optimization and hence I know what works for you and what not. Search Engine Optimization or SEO services help you boost your website Ranking to organically rank on Google. SEO services for your website will ensure that your website is SEO optimized to compete with high end competitors and drive your best organic results at all times.

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Strategies Involved in the SEO Services as Seo Consultant:

Search Engine Optimization involves many things, it all starts from the customer niche and the targeted requirements from the customer. As a Seo Consultant, I can analyze the customer requirements for the SEO Project to make sure, the best possible solutions can be provided with best and high-standard results.

Search Engine Optimization Involves the following:

      • Website Optimization
      • Keywords Analysis
      • On-Page SEO
      • Off-Page SEO
  • Website Optimization:

For any website the optimization and speed is important factor that drives the users towards it. For Google organic Ranking Website speed is the top most factor to consider. Website Optimization has to be done on the website to increase the performance of the website. When website is created we use different objects as per the technology we choose, all these web design codes work fine when we navigate to User Interface but at the back-end, it may degrade the website performance. Website Performance can be measures in several ways such as Load Time of the website, Total Page Size, Number of Requests made by the Web Page to the server during the load time.

There are several factors which affects website performance: Redirects, Landing Page Redirects, Request Size, Browser caching etc.

As a Seo Consultant, I can start with the Website Optimization as its a numero one important factor on my List. I analyze the website performance by running certain standard website performance audits. These audits then can be analyzed to make sure nothing big is causing website optimization. If there is any, my first task it to clear that off, but fixing with any possible solutions available.

I use the tools like GTMetrix, Google Page Speed to measure the Website Performance.

  • Keywords Analysis:

Keyword analysis is the most important task next to the Website Optimization. Good Keywords drive Good Traffic, Best Keywords drive Super Good Traffic to your website. So, Keywords should be very carefully analyzed and finalized. Depending on the niche of the website, services mentioned(going to be mentioned) in the website or the content, the keywords should be perfectly selected before writing the good SEO optimized content. The keyword analysis can be done using the following tools:Word-tracker, Keyword Discovery and other popular tools.

While doing keywords Analysis we need to keep in mind, what type of keywords clients website required. When we talk about types of keywords in SEO, there are two types of keywords:

Short-Tail Keywords: Short-Tail keywords consists of maximum one or two words and users search this keywords to get ample results to look for. Example: SEO

Long-Tail Keywords: Long-Tail keywords consists of more than one or two words and users search these keywords when they require more generalized results instead of ample results that they dont require. Example: What is SEO used for, how it helps Website Ranking

  • On-Page SEO:

On-Page optimization helps the website to get aligned with the Search Engine Recommendations. Usually it on-page SEO is nothing but following a basic structure while writing content on the website. The keywords analyzed must be used in proper in Headings, Titles and in Paragraphs with proper meta tags for the content. This includes optimizing the content for page headings, optimizing the meta tags, optimizing the website. Once these tasks are completed, then one should generate the XML Sitemap for the file and submit the file on Google search console. This XML file will tell the Google Crawler that our website is ready and has the data, pages, posts to crawl, index and Rank.

  • Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is another strategy of aligning your website to the next goal, once after the On-Page SEO is complete your website need to be back-linked with high-authority domains. We will do complete on-page services for you as part of SEO services. This includes the Blog Posting, Guest Posting, Article Guest Posts, Web-Directory submissions, Bookmarked the web pages online for quality link building, Creating business profile listing, Optimizing the blogs for commenting, Submitting the videos, articles, and free PR for promotion, Local and organic marketing, image sharing, and info-graphic submissions. After the Off-Page SEO is complete, As a experienced Seo Consultant i can also submit the created backlinks to high performing Search Engines around the world, so that your website will get priority crawl and indexation from Google.

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