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Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Search Engine Marketing or SMM as it called as in short are the services that helps your website generate web traffic and sales revenue. The basic building blocks in the Social Engine Marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Search Engine Marketing coupled with these building blocks helps generate web traffic and sales revenue for your website.

Search Engine Marketing involves the rapid use of the paid marketing tools available in the market. These paid marketing tools not only drive you good traffic, but also provide maximum conversion leads for your business, there by your business growth. When SEO is not giving you results instantly, and you need good quality leads for your business then SEM services are the one you need to look for. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves paid advertising strategies to get speedy and effective business results.

I adopt simple yet effective strategies that really worked for our clients, to ensure my clients get high ROI’s when they avail the Search Engine Marketing Services.

Strategies Involved in the SEM Services as a Seo Freelancer:

Search Engine Marketing involves many things. Some of the effective  Steps involved here are the following:

  • Keyword Research: Keyword Research is the Most important and valued numero one step in this process. The Website once optimized for keywords during the SEO, the Keywords will help you to drive traffic for your website. The Keywords will also be then used in the Campaign creation which is done during the Search Engine Marketing process. Keywords are said to be the foundation or building blocks of  search engine marketing. When we have selected it right we will drive billions of quality traffic using these keywords to your website. As a SEO Freelancer, I can do statistical analysis on the Keywords for your website to select best keywords that drive you quality traffic for your website using the Search engine marketing approach and creating a successful paid campaign.
  • Market Analysis: Market Analysis’s the next pivotal element in the part of Search Engine Marketing Process. Market Analysis helps to find and shortlist the top performing keywords in the market that are currently driving traffic to help increase your business website ranking. In Addition as part of Market Analysis, as a SEO Freelancer, I would thoroughly research the competitor keywords and solutionize the approach of creating beset paid campaigns for your website.
  • Ad Campaign Platform Analysis: The Next in the list of Search Engine Marketing steps is the Ad Campaign Platform Analysis. Ad Campaign Platform Analysis should be thoroughly done in order to select the best possible platform as per your budgets. As a SEO Freelancer, I can do the CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA, Re-Marketing, PPC Campaigns through Yahoo Ads, Google Ads and Bing Ads Platform for your website.
  • Ad Campaign Design: Ad Campaign Design is the next possible step right after the Ad Campaign Platform is selected, as the design helps to created the intended campaign. The Design should be covering the aspects like, what is expected out of the Ad campaign, the organic clicks to your website, Direct Calls to your contact, Direct messages or email communications etc.
  • Ad Campaign Management: Ad Campaign Management comes next to the Ad Campaign design. Once the Ad Campaign design is created and is live, managing effective can yield you correct and desired results. I can manager all your Ad Campaigns created effectively all along its life cycle. As a SEO Freelancer, I can even do multiple adjustments if any is required during the campaign run to yield best and successful results out of the Ad Campaign.
  • Ad Campaign Reporting: Ad Campaign Reporting is the last leg of the Search Engine Marketing services, as the reporting is the clear defined task where clients can see, the campaign results such as, how many leads generated, how many inquiries submitted, what is ROI etc.

Why Me(SEO Freelancer) for Search Engine Marketing Services:

I  have vast experience in handling many clients projects who really have yielded good fruits out of this Search Engine Marketing Services. I have all possible tailor made solutions for you that will best suits all your complex business needs. I work with clients with a sit ‘N’ relax policy, where client does not have to bother about what is going on. As a SEO Freelancer, I will take care every thing which is required for you to generated good ROI out of this Search Engine Marketing Services.

Some of the Qualifying criteria that I have for executing your project:

  • I am a Qualified and certified experienced Search Engine Marketing Professional
  • I understand the customers, customers competitors, the resources or tools required,the challenges we can have to create, run, and complete the successful Paid Ad campaign with High Successful ROI’s.
  • I also offer customized Search Engine Marketing Packages tailored only for your needs and business requirements and budgets.
  • I value each and every client and serve with professional etiquette and with best practices.
  • I have outstanding records of creating Hundreds of successful and valuable Search Engine Marketing campaigns for all my happy clients across the globe.

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