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Project Executed for:


Project Importance:

This is a prestigious project from Cleartrip. Cleartrip is a leading global online travel and hospitality services providing company, headquartered in Mumbai and Dubai. The company operates as an online travel aggregator website through its dedicated website and mobile application for android as well as iPhone subscribers,  for booking flights and train tickets, hotel reservations, and activities in India and the Middle East countries. It has spread across India with offices across all over India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Client Services:

As the client is one of the leading global online travel and hospitality services provider, it has been operating as online travel aggregator. Customer looking for travel and online booking services can login into its website and can directly search through wide variety of travel and online booking offers, and can book using their website or android/iPhone application using the mobile phone.

Client Requirement:

Client was more interested in Increasing the organic traffic and requested for more online presence with interactive and quality blogs. Also there are many different Back-linked URLs which has to be remove to tune the performance and increasing the Domain Authority which will help in Google Ranking.

How did I achieve it? Through SEO & SEM:

Based on the Client Requirements I have received, I have followed the below strategy to define and generate the quality leads for a win-win situation:

  • Client Requirements analysis:

Client Requirements have been analyzed thoroughly and solution description has been framed. The targeted lead traffic from the Client requirements should be through social presence via blogs and only for the all their services they are offering . Also to drive more organic traffic new set of digital techniques are required and needs to be implemented

  • Client Requirement Lead Target Area Analysis:

The client targeted locations in India, UAE and Dubai. Most of the existing traffic was coming from these countries and majorly from India. I have to target these locations to increase the organic traffic and maintain the high Domain Authority by disavow the irrelevant Backlinks from many different websites.

  • Statistics Generation to find out the blogs to be posted on high-traffic generating website:

A high traffic website is the only source to look for when looking for organic traffic for your website. Here for ClearTrip, the main work for this website is to generate organic traffic from blogs, create website meta tags and audit the website for performance issues. The Main focus is the lead generation through organic search of google and generate main traffic from the blogs and articles.

  • Blog writing and posting on high-traffic websites:

Now, that i have the clients requirements, feasibility study done on the client requirements, statistics generation analysis done on the high traffic websites that drive niche relevant travel organic search data and traffic. Now, that i have to work on the blogs which are unique and with no plagiarized content. I have written many different blogs on the Cleartrip by explaining their different services available, different offers they run at different times. The content i have written for blog for this website: Cleartrip is of travel niche and the content is Unique Search Engine optimized content. The content has been made sure unique, non-plagiarized and SEO optimized to make sure the blogs is very SEO friendly and rank on google to drive more organic traffic and niche relevant leads for Cleartrip.

  • Meta-tags generation for the content on written:

Since meta-tags help seo the content already written and help in ranking, i have written the meta-tags and generated the meta-tags for the content written on blogs and websites, to make sure the content is of seo compliant and the blog ranks on any website on google and drive the organic visitors to clear trip.

  • Disavow of bad backlinks that reduces Domain Authority:

One of the important task that i have done on this project is to submit the disavow list of URL’s that are existing in Cleartrip to Google, to make sure Google Disavow them. This is done by identifying bad or non-niche relevant back link which has high spam score and drives no data or organic traffic. Once the list of URLs has been identified, i have prepared the file for submission and submitted the same on Google Disavow page.

Result achieved for Client due to this Lead Generation:

Clients organic traffic has been increased to 50% from the day we started the project and the backlinks which drives no data and are spammy has been remove, due to which the Domain Authority of the website has been increased to 2x fold. The lead generation project is very successful as it created a win-win deal for both Client and Me. Client was very happy with the output and the increase in the traffic and also on the work we have done. Client has assured of more work with us on the different projects. I thank Clear-trip for utilizing our esteemed solutions and services to boost its online presence.