E-Commerce Project

Digital Marketing Consultant
DOT SHOT is an anti-hangover drink brand that needed a sales boost and brand awareness. They wanted to deliver an international implementation strategy with a lower budget as compared to last year. The business also wanted to focus heavily on the U.S. to gain market presence.


• Delivered a new technical compliance roadmap, executed redirection strategies along with an internationalization strategy.
• Researched keywords across all markets, delivered meta-data in several languages and increased the number of keywords for the brand to rank.
• Recommended content creation, cross-linking, and developmental areas through conversion rate optimization.

• Promoted content piece called ‘Unwanted friends’ via Facebook that resulted in an ROI – conversion rate of 43%.
• This campaign delivered up to 22% of the total revenue.
• Built links on several websites regarding guest posts, blogs, and articles.
• Connected to bloggers from different websitesthat show interest in writing about the products.

Traffic outcome:
• 130% hike in SEO
• 95% in direct
• 118% in PPC
• 72 % in social media
• 69% in UK SEO& US organic traffic.