Dental Project

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Project Executed for:


Project Importance:

This is a prestigious project from Therapeuoclinic.  Therapeuoclinic is a dental clinic situated in Colaba, Mumbai – India. Therapeuoclic is a state-of-the-art dental clinical services located in the heart of Colaba, Mumbai.

Client Services:

As this dental clinic offers many services like Cavity Prevention for Adults, Oral Hygiene Maintenance, Painful Tooth, Dental Implant, Digital Smile Makeover, Laser Teeth Whitening, Crooked Teeth Correction, Fixed Teeth, Removable Teeth, Children’s Dentistry, Missing Parts of the Face.

Client Requirement:

Client is more interested to get leads in these service categories and most importantly from the Mumbai and its near by Parts of the city. The client’s main aim was to generate high-society appointment leads from the nearby locations.

How did I achieve it? Through SEO & SEM:

Based on the Client Requirements I have received, I have followed the below strategy to define and generate the quality leads for a win-win situation:

  • Client Requirements analysis:

Client Requirements have been analyzed thoroughly and solution description has been framed. The targeted lead traffic from the Client requirements should be from Coloba, Mumbai and near by areas and only for the services they are offering such as Cavity Prevention for Adults, Oral Hygiene Maintenance, Painful Tooth, Dental Implant, Digital Smile Makeover, Laser Teeth Whitening, Crooked Teeth Correction, Fixed Teeth, Removable Teeth, Children’s Dentistry, Missing Parts of the Face. Also I had to get some more information from client to get to know what is the age group of patient they services and what are additional services available in their clinic. This really helps to know complete requirements to proceed further.

  • Client Requirement Lead Target Area Analysis:

The client targeted locations are from Colaba, Mumbai and near by ares, so our solution description set for the Lead generation was confined to the Colaba, Mumbai and nearby areas. We have also analyzed the leads that are getting from these area and hence confined to Colaba, Mumbai area and the near by areas with the limits of 30 Kilometres.

  • Statistics Generation to find out where the Leads are getting generated from:

I have then focused on the statistics generation to find out where the leads are getting generated from, and what are the leads that matches with the clients requirements. I had to confined to the area limits prescribed in the clients requirement and hence the statistical analysis on the existing lead generated is confined to Coloaba, Mumbai and with in 30 Km from this area.

  • Running the Advertisement and Classified campaigns in the Targeted locations:

Now, that i have the clients requirements, feasibility study done on the client requirements, statistics generation analysis done on the lead generated in the targeted area so far, the next task is to create a paid advertisement or classified campaigns in the social media, advertising platforms, local newspapers, local malls cutout placements, advertisement placements etc.

I have targeted the paid advertisements on Google first and created a advertisement campaign with targeted keywords, targeted location and the location proximity, age groups to target and published the campaign. Once the campaign was published i have monitored for each worthy lead generated out of it to customer and informed customer about if that can be converted to a successful business transaction.

Also, I have ran ads in local newspapers, media outlets to target customer who dont use the digital platforms, there has been successful conversions received through this as well.

In addition to this I have created advertisement in nearby locations — malls, high locality buildings, saloons to make sure all the potential leads that use digital platform, non-digital platform etc, will be covered.

  • Client Services publication on Targeted High-Traffic Blogs to drive traffic and Leads:

I have targeted the leads for customer by writing blogs and articles with full fledged clients services explanation with all proper information in detailed form and published the same in the Targeted High-Traffic Blogs that drive high traffic leads. We had successful conversion on this as well.

  • Lead Relay targeted for Coloba, Mumbai:

As described in the above sections, the Lead Relay is confined to targeted age group and targeted location such as Coloba, Mumbai and near by area with in 30 Kilometre range.

Result achieved for Client due to this Lead Generation:

Clients appointments has been increased to 10x fold with in 12 Days of Lead Generation and the potential lead inquiries has been converted to successful business. All the leads that got generated were from the targeted area coloba, Mumbai and near by areas of it. The lead generation project is very successful as it created a win-win deal for both Client and Me. The client has been assured to get more of the kind services in the near future to boost the business and make a presence online with this digital media, social media and lead generation services. We thank our client for esteemed support provided and trust in us to make this lead generation project successful.