Consulting Project

Digital Marketing Consultant

Project Executed for:

Sales Oxiygen

Project Importance:

This is a prestigious project from Sales Oxygen. Sales Oxygen helps which ensures its clients achieve annual revenue targets. Sales Oxygen strategy is to work with clients to build better sales strategies, build best performing sales teams, develop and maintain the revenue-generating partnerships and implement the work-class best practices and solutions.

Client Services:

As the client is one of the leading service provider in the area of strategic planning of sales and helps its clients in achieving annual revenue targets, the main are it covers is through working with clients to build sales strategies, build the best performing sales teams, develop the revenue generating partnerships, maintain the revenue generating partnerships and implement world-class best practices to deliver quality work.

Client Requirement:

Client was more interested in Increasing the organic traffic and requested for more online presence with Search Engine Optimization and lead Generation.The Client’s organic traffic is limited and hence there are no inquiries. The Client wanted a multi-channel strategy including paid media, SEO, and content for multiple states. The client wanted to rank on top when searched for parent company “Miller Heiman” related services in India. Here the client’s focus was to target bigger companies and businesses, there by generating their leads which can be converted into actual business with Sales Oxiygen

How did I achieve it? Through SEO & SEM:

Based on the Client Requirements I have received, I have followed the below strategy to define and generate the quality leads for a win-win situation:

  • Client Requirements analysis:

Client Requirements have been analyzed thoroughly and solution description has been framed. The targeted lead traffic from the Client requirements should be through organic search and through lead generation involving strategies like targeting potential business customer who look for sales strategy and solutions to help increase their sales revenue. The main focus was to create visibility for the client, which was achieved through content infused with high-search volume keywords.

  • Client Requirement Lead Target Area Analysis:

The client is based out in India. Most of the existing traffic was coming from India, but in limited in number. I have to target the leads through organic searches and through leads generation by google adwords. There was a need to optimize the existing content on the website to make it SEO compatible and hence I have done complete on-page seo for the content on the website.

  • SEO Optimization with High Traffic driving Keywords:

After identifying the high-traffic driving keywords, the next step I have followed is to optimize the content of Sales Oxiygen by on-page SEO. I have optimized every page and post on Sales Oxiygen to drive quality organic traffic. The on-page was done with high traffic driving keywords and the on-page has been done on every single page, post on the website.

I have also built the high quality backlinks through social book-marking, profile book-marking, Guest Posting on high Domain Authority websites there by generating quality of backlinks that i have created for Sales Oxiygen. It helped client to increase the Domain Authority and drive more traffic from these backlinks.

Now, that i have the clients requirements, feasibility study done on the client requirements, statistics generation analysis done on the high traffic websites that drive niche relevant travel organic search data and traffic. Now, that i have also worked on the on-page SEO and off-page SEO such as link-building on high quality niche relevant blogs, the next work is to monitor the website for organic traffic and ranking. I have submitted the website back-links that was created on Sales Oxiygen on high traffic and quality search engines around the world to make sure the indexing is done properly and Google can Index the website very soon. One More part of this work is to make sure the XML Sitemaps are up-to-date in Google Webmasters and to monitor if all the URL’s are getting indexed on regular basis.

  • Lead increase through Google Adwords:

Now that on-page and off-page along with Google search console monitoring has been covered which made sure all the aspects of SEO, I have created the Google Adwords campaign for the client, to drive potential and high-quality relevant leads that will be converted into potential business. Google Adwords campaign is run targeting different localities and different products that Sales Oxiygen is offering to drive best suitable quality and high convertible leads to the client.

  • Mobile compatibility issues and Website issues monitoring:

Since the XML Sitemaps are submitted on the Google Webmasters/Search Console, the URL’s are now indexed by google. I had to keep on monitoring the Google Webmasters/Search Console for any website compatibility or mobile compatibility or any performance issues being posted by Google Webmasters/Search Console

Result achieved for Client due to this Lead Generation:

Clients organic traffic has been increased to 5X fold from usual low traffic, from the day we started the project. The organic search lead generation project along with Google Adword paid leads generation is very successful as it created a win-win deal for both Client and Me. The SEO along with Google Adwords campaign helped customer to increase the business inquiry leads and turned the inquiry into a actual business deal as well.